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Pastoral Care and
Religious Education
ministries exist for
people of all ages to
grow in love and service
to God.  All our
programs are
coordinated with the
Diocese of Orlando to
let staff and volunteers
present meaningful
spiritual educational
programs and events.
These include Bible
studies, small faith
communities, and
preparing the faithful for
the sacraments.

Other Pastoral Care
programs include:
Respite Care, Respect
for Life Ministry and
praying for vocations
through the Elijah Cup

With a solid foundation
of catechists and
volunteers, we welcome
new members of all ages
and walks of life as they
answer their personal
call from God to grow in
faith.  We also continue
to nourish all families
who are part of our parish

Administration is the
business backbone of our
parish!  Our dedicated
staff and volunteers are
the human face of our
parish administration.
This ministry has
responsibilities for our
parish budget,
coordinate activities and
events, scheduling the
use and upkeep of our
nine principal buildings
and grounds including
all equipment, repairs,
and routine

Administration is also
responsible for all parish
records.  They handle
memorials, tributes,
dedications and manage
incoming calls for every
imaginable need.

Finance supports the
various ministries of the
parish, allocates funds
based on each
individual ministry. For a
small parish we do an
outstanding job of
managing our income
and expenses.  As an
example we are building
our new church debt free!

Liturgy, centered on the
Eucharist is the heart of our
worship. All of the Liturgical
Ministries are intertwined to
in all that we do and all
contribute to the special
parish life at St Theresa. It
is a very special calling of
Lit ministers to teach,
encourage, inspire, and
lead members of the
worshiping assembly
Out Ministries include
Music Ministry, EMHC,
MTS, Altar Servers, Altar
Care, Ushers and Readers in
addition we have
Bereavement, LOM, Parish
devotional activities and

Our St Theresa SS
Ministry includes the FP,
FK, TS. Our primary
goal is to serve our
neighbors in S. Marion
county helping to build
a stronger foundation in
their lives.
Our dedicated
volunteers and staff
strive to meet that goal
by providing nearly 40K
meals, 14K Food
baskets, and 38K
household and clothing
items from our TS
annually. In addition we
offer a resource center
with computers allowing
our clients to seek
employment, obtain
training and apply for
Our spiritual and
financial goals go hand
in hand. Thanks be to
God and to you our
parishioners and friends
who support us so
graciously. We could not
sustain our operations
without you.